Production of flux for soldering

We specialize in manufacturing of liquid soldering preparations – fluxes designated for soft soldering, which are used in various branches of industry, particularly in the field of electronics and electrotechnics.



They are made of component parts, that are meticulously considered in the light of the biological harmlessness, they are enviromentally friendly and at the same time have high technical efficiency. The Fluxes contain activator of organic origin. Working parts of the soldering fluxes dissolve, at the temperatures of soldering, the oxides of the soldered metals by strong complex-forming activity and at the same time intensely decrease the surface tension at the interface of soldered metal and melting iron. The fluxes do not contain rosin. Low content of dry matter together with perfect dissolvabilty in water and alcohol facilitates washing of the completed joints. The soldering fluxes are delivered in 1 liter PE bottles or in 10 liters PE canisters.



We have been manufacturing our products since the year 1992. There has not been any sales return or complaint referring to the quality of our products yet. Among our most significant business partners belong for instance: AGC automotive Czech and Hungary, BRANO a.s., OEZ s.r.o. Letohrad, Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod, NAVETA s.r.o. Liberec (soldering of stainless components for weaving machines), further also Slovak companies such as SEZ Krompachy a.s.


Our goal

Our main goal is to secure high standard of our products. It is possible to arrange individual solution of concrete case of soldering by request of a customer.





Martin Benda

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